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Psychiatry Via Telemedicine: Reshaping the Emergency Room

With the tremendous strides in clinical technologies, telemedicine is being increasingly engaged in the USA for helping the psychiatric patients to access the type of care they require and when it is needed most. Telepsychiatry has enough potential to significantly improving the treatment outcomes among psychiatric patients.  Most of the emergency rooms in the USAContinue reading “Psychiatry Via Telemedicine: Reshaping the Emergency Room”

Telemedicine Simplified: Things You Should Have Known by Now

Telemedicine services can effectively be delivered to the patients by numerous means and the providers are required to comprehensively evaluate each one of them before zeroing in on a particular delivery method, considering a host of factors, including their patient demographics.  Live Interaction Amongst the most popular telemedicine services is the synchronous or live interactions,Continue reading “Telemedicine Simplified: Things You Should Have Known by Now”

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