How Telemedicine Can Help The Internal Medicine Physicians

Being a practitioner of internal medicine, you are always in search of effective means for increasing operational efficiency and improving the health outcome of your patients. With the continuous strides in the field of telemedicine, now you can increase your outreach through real-time video-conferencing and increase your patient satisfaction score, which, in turn, helps to improve your patient engagement. Although telemedicine is not supposed to replace in-person clinical care, it is turning out to be an excellent alternative for those troubled times when an individual is required to visit you for non-critical health conditions, such as needing a refill, managing a chronic disease, following up on ongoing treatment, or seeking laboratory work updates. You can provide a generous boost to your earning while making your patients satisfied and your programs on time. 

Telemedicine Services

With a state-of-the-art healthcare platform, such as PatientMD, which offers cutting-edge telemedicine services for the physicians, you will be able to see your patients through on-demand video conferencing and video chat. Any person desirous of consulting with you is needed to schedule an appointment in the first place through the PatientMD platform and when one’s day of visit arrives, the patient communicates with you through a HIPAA-compliant video session that is very much like an office visit. You will be able to share screens with your patients and vice versa, monitor one’s vitals and examine the person virtually. The entire procedure is simple and easy for both of you and generally lasts no more than a face-to-face visit does. 


One of the greatest advantages of telemedicine is that a physician can treat the patients anytime, anywhere, which benefits both the patient and practitioner. You will be able to deliver advanced, quality care to the patient community, effectively allowing yourself to be more accessible for them and thus, making the task of booking an appointment with you even simpler. The patients are spared all the hassles of traveling to your office, sitting for hours in the waiting room, and driving back in an exhausted state; as they can now afford to meet you as per own convenience. With PatientMD’s easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website, and mobile applications, a patient can not only receive the care one needs with great ease but your productivity increases as well. 


It is an open secret that the life of a doctor is very much hectic, particularly for the practitioners of internal medicine and the like, so to speak. It is standard for the patients to contact their physicians after office more often than not with numerous queries and there are several instances when handling the patient emergencies over the phone keeps you unpaid. However, when you are to start offering telemedicine, all the telephonic consultations can be readily monetized, which means you will be paid as long as you are working and not just when you meet your patients in-person. It does not only increase your bottom line but also ensures that you are rewarded for all the hours you are to spend serving your patients. 


Often, scheduling is nothing short of a nightmare for your staff, particularly when you have people who skip their appointments, call to postpone, or simply avoid turning up. While no-shows are not good for your practice and affect your bottom line pretty hard, the odds of canceling are less for patients who are in a position to utilize telemedicine, as they are not required to go through the tedious job of taking your appointment and the need to commute on the visit day. Nevertheless, if any or more of your patients do cancel, PatientMD’s artificially intelligent algorithm will make available those vacant time slots as per the preference of your other patients, so that your revenue keeps growing steadily in the long-term. The award-winning healthcare platform also makes scheduling easier for your in-person patients as you will be witnessing less number of cancellations, which translates to happier traditional patients and reduced wait times. 

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