How Telemedicine Can Help The Internal Medicine Physicians

Being a practitioner of internal medicine, you are always in search of effective means for increasing operational efficiency and improving the health outcome of your patients. With the continuous strides in the field of telemedicine, now you can increase your outreach through real-time video-conferencing and increase your patient satisfaction score, which, in turn, helps toContinue reading “How Telemedicine Can Help The Internal Medicine Physicians”

Telemedicine Use in Urgent Care Triage: PatientMD Explains

Telemedicine in urgent care and other spaces in the healthcare sector is increasingly becoming a safe, convenient, and affordable alternative with each passing day. Telehealth use grew almost one-third of all inpatient setups from twenty-fourteen to twenty-nineteen and every nine out of a collective sum of ten outpatient and inpatient providers are planning to investContinue reading “Telemedicine Use in Urgent Care Triage: PatientMD Explains”

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